NUTRALYSIS combines expert Clinical software and intuitive Practice Management software into one state-of-the-art software suite. NUTRALYSIS is packed with powerful and easy to use features designed to streamline practices and improve patient wellness. Discover more below ...

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Go Paperless Professionally.

NUTRALYSIS eliminates handwritten supplement lists. Create professional Nutrition Schedules quickly and easily, complete with automatic bottle calculations and Inventory Management. NUTRALYSIS can even email schedules to patients, helping to improve overall retention and compliance.

Nutrition Schedule example from John Doe's file in the Demo Office


The NUTRALYSIS NSRG contains the collective knowledge of hundreds of practitioners, collected over decades of supplement practice and research. The NSRG provides the practitioner with clinical protocols* and detailed nutritional supplement information, such as: Health Indications/Function*, Descriptions, Components and Synergistic Formulations. The entire NSRG is automatically updated through advanced analytics which track practitioners’ supplement usage and results.

NSRG Screenshot


NUTRALYSIS provides a professionally designed Health History Survey which is specifically crafted to be easily understood and completed by the patient via their Patient Portal or by the clinician “knee-to-knee" in the exam room.

Health History


NUTRALYSIS provides patients with live access to their Nutrition Schedule and receipts though a secure and private Patient Portal. In addition, patients can request refills of previously approved supplements and fill out forms requested by the practice.

Patient Portal Screnshot


NUTRALYSIS contains powerful Exam Templates and Forms created by leading clinical experts, including: System Strength Analysis, Comprehensive Nutrition Scan and Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) just to name a few. In addition, NUTRALYSIS supports Custom Exam Templates and Custom Forms.

Examples of some of the different exams available in Nutralysis


NUTRALYSIS contains an easy to use, yet highly powerful Inventory Management module. NUTRALYSIS Inventory Management features include algorithms to predict ideal stock levels, Reordering Reports, automatic Purchase Order creation, in-app Purchase Order emailing and streamlined receiving of Purchase Orders and stock into inventory. Inventory is also automatically updated each time a patient checks out and backorders are tracked per patient and factored into the reordering algorithms.

Inventory Screenshots


NUTRALYSIS not only offers professionally designed Exam Templates, but also provides the tools to create Custom Exam Templates as well.

Exam Editor


With NUTRALYSIS, practitioners and staff can manage the office appointment book while permitting patients to self-book via the Patient Portal. NUTRALYSIS then automatically sends both text message (SMS) and email reminders at preselected intervals prior to the appointment. Patients can even confirm appointments via links included in the reminders, thus updating the status of the appointment automatically in the practice calendar. This feature includes 100 free text message segments per month. Excess segments are charged at $0.01 each.

Appointment Scheduling


NUTRALYSIS includes Patient Ledgers which seamlessly integrate with the patient checkout process. This allows for the tracking of payments received and maintains detailed records of patient balances. Powerful reports summarize cash flow, sales tax, products sold and much more.

Point of Sale Features

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