Intuitive Nutrition Practice Software

Nutralysis makes Nutrition Consultation faster and easier. It's made for practitioners of all skill levels, devices of all shapes, and offices of all sizes.

Clinical Knowledge

Nutralysis gives you an intuitive clinical experience in the exam room, with world-class Nutrition Schedules, therapy notes, and the collective clinical knowledge of hundreds of practioners via the Nutritional Supplement Resource Guide. The NSRG provides decades of knowledge at your fingertips for every patient.

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Practice Management

Helping patients requires business excellence, provided by our suite of Practice Management modules, including Inventory Management, Appointment Scheduling, and Patient Ledgers. We save you time, streamline your front desk and back office procedures by providing structure, processes, and intuitive software.

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Available Anywhere

Engineered to work seamlessly on any device you want to use: the large desktop at your front desk, the tablet or iPad in your hands when you're with your patients, and even your cellphone for when you're talking to a patient away from the office. With Nutralysis, you bring your entire practice with you wherever you go.

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Nutrition Schedules go Paperless.

No more hand-writing lists of supplements. Create a Nutrition Schedule quickly and easily, complete with automatic bottle calculations and inventory management. Nutralysis can even e-mail the schedule to your patient to help improve retention and compliance.

Nutrition Schedule example from John Doe's file in the Demo Office

Powerful exams and forms.

Nutralysis contains powerful exam templates created by leading experts that you can fill out on your iPad or on any other device. Nutralysis also supports custom exam templates, or you can upload any type of file to the patient's record.

Examples of some of the different exams available in Nutralysis

Reports automated and simplified.

Detailed reports give you insight into your practice, such as the Office Statistics report pictured here. Reports in Nutralysis give you the knowledge you need to grow your practice and to support patients in their wellness journey.

Screenshot of the Office Statistics report in the Reporting module in Nutralysis

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Nutralysis helps you be high-tech in a high-touch profession, giving you the tools to help patients and streamline your practice. Discover why hundreds of practioners use and love Nutralysis every day in practice for yourself by signing up today!

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