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15 min visit - Adult

Regular follow up ($50)

15 min visit - Child


15 min visit - Senior


30 min visit - Adult


30 min visit - child


Adrenal Function Urine Test


Allergy Follow-up - Child

15 min allergy visit ($25)

Auriculotherapy Session


Baseline Breast Package

Package includes: 1st and 3 mth breast thermography screening, copy of report, two 30 minute BioMat therapy, one Ionic Foot Detox bath, Toxicity Assessment, breast risk assessment, prevention education, 10-Day Mini-eCourse, Non-invasive breast assessment, one product, dry brush and scarf. ($515)

BioMat Therapy - 4 Package

4- 30 minute session. ($100)

BioMat Therapy Session -60 min


BioMat Therapy Session- 30 min


Body Fat Composition Analysis


Breast Consultation -Initial


Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser - Scar Therapy with Wheat Germ Oil ($40)

Comprehensive Breast Package

Includes: 1st breast thermography scan, 3mth follow up scan and annual breast scan. Copy of report, breast risk assessment, prevention education, 4 (30 min) BioMat therapy sessions, 3 Ionic foot detox bath, toxicity assessment, 2hr. breast consultation, dry brush, 3 supplement specific to your imbalance and scarf. ($1250)

Free Radical Urine Test


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis


Immune Visit - Child

10-15 minutes to address immune concerns such as cold, flu, cough, congestion, etc. ($25)

Immune Visits- Adult

10-15 minute visit to address immune concerns such as cold, flu, cough, sore throat, etc. ($35)

Initial Allergy Desensitization - Adult

Allergy assessment - adult ($75)

Initial Allergy Desensitization - Child

Allergy assessment - Child ($65)

Ionic Foot Detox Bath


Ionic Foot Detox Bath - Pack of 6

Once purchased the remainding sessions will be scheduled at initial session. ($240)

Lab Result Review


New Child - Nutrition


New Patient - Nutrition/Breast/Cancer


New Patient - Wellness/Naturopathic

New Patient Exam - 60-90 min ($270)

POC - Nutrition/Breast/Cancer

Session designed to discuss clients results from their previous session ($90)

Re-Exam - Nutrition/Breast/Cancer

Re-examination of client's progress. ($90)

Rife Therapy- 30 min


Rife Thereapy- 60 min


Self-Mastery Technology

Teaching and influencing the brain with subliminal messages. ($30)


To help in improving muscle tension and ache ($20)

Thermography - ROI

Region of Interest screening does not include breast ($190)

Thermography (Annual) - Breast


Thermography - 3mth Follow-up


Thermography - Breast

Breast Thermography screening - non-invasive scan ($215)

Thermography - Women's Wellness

Thermography scan of the body from head to hip and includes hands and arms, breast, back, stomach, head and neck. ($340)

Thermography Half Body

Thermography screening includes head and neck, chest, back, stomach, hands, arms. ($340)

Thermography Report - Printed


Thermography- Full Body

Thermography scan of the entire body ($470)

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